On this page you will an overview of the short pieces resulting from this delightful project.
There are, of course, many more. My full list of works can be found here.

Scores of these small pieces are available – even if they weren’t written for you! If you’d like to play something listed below, do get in touch.
Titles in blue are links to a recording.


for cello solo
professional, medium / amateur, advanced

Inspired by those long, dark evenings of late autumn.

November 2020


for violin, mandolin and voice
professional, simple-medium

About sweetness, sourness, perfection, pleasure, and surprise.

October 2020

Xǐ què 喜鹊 (Magpie)

for recorder solo (C Paetzold/great bass in C)
professional, medium

Inspired by the cheekiest and most philosophical of birds, and its depictions in Chinese folklore.

September 2020

A twinkle in the diamond eye of death

for clarinet solo
amateur, medium-virtuoso / professional, simple-medium

About playfulness, mischief and the comfort of embracing your shadow.

August 2020

From between the cracks

for solo oboe
professional, medium-virtuoso

About fragility and roughness, and how something beautiful can come from somewhere unexpected.

August 2020

Midsummer twilight

for soprano and baritone
amateur, medium (soprano) / professional, medium (baritone)

About enormous, huge softness, and the sexiness of summer.

July 2020

Mermaid bubblegum

for bass flute
professional, medium

A deep blue underwater bubble, with frothy gossamer sunshine and audience participation.

June 2020

A smudge of rain

for tenor pan flute
professional, medium-virtuoso

“a mark with no particular shape that is caused, as if by accident by running something such as ink or a dirty finger across a surface”
– the Cambridge Dictionary, ‘smudge’

June 2020

Ewigkeit in einem Augenzwinkern

for medieval double recorder
professional, medium

About standing in an ancient church in the Swiss mountains and experiencing eternity; feeling infinite and non-existent at the same time. And about the lightness with which these meaningful moments come and go.

June 2020


for ‘cello & music box
professional, medium

About cherry trees in springtime, and the aesthetic appreciation of transience and imperfection.

May 2020

Beauty remains

for violin, viola & cello
professional, simple-medium

About grief and loss, but also about lightness, and how there will always be beauty.

May 2020


for viola da gamba (bass viol) solo
professional, simple-medium

…about nature, and small birds

May 2020


for piano solo
professional, medium

About the exquisite silence of night.

May 2020


for piano trio
amateur, simple-medium (violin/piano)
amateur, virtuoso (cello)

About walking in a magical forest, losing the cellist, and finding each other again in a humoresque-like dance.

May 2020


for bass clarinet
professional, medium

Because if there’s one thing both the performer and I really missed in that dark time when there were no café’s…

May 2020

Body, remember – a dialogue for one performer

for cello & voice
professional, virtuoso

A ritual of reclaiming sensuality

April 2020

Dancing with the inner silence

for one recorder player (contrabass Paetzold / alto in G)
with simple electronics
professional, simple-medium

Inspired by two short pieces by J.S.Bach, “Wenn wir in höchsten Nöthen sein”, and “Das alte Jahr vergangen ist”.

Looking for the possible embrace

amateur, medium

About missing physical closeness in the time of self-isolation, and the comfort of embracing the cello.

April 2020

Intermezzo in green

for cello solo
professional, simple-medium

The texture of pizzicato combined with the colours of early spring

April 2020


for soprano saxophone and alto saxophone
amateur (soprano) /professional (alto), medium

…about the smell of hyacinths

April 2020