The project

This project was initially about making one-page solo pieces, and the idea was born in the spring of 2020, when lockdown had us all staying bravely at home. I wanted to create short solo/duo pieces, to inspire not only others but also myself, and ended up creating a pleasing array of little musical poems.

(The original advertisement that started it all, posted on Facebook on the 2nd of April 2020.)

I discovered I love this way of working, and that there is also considerable interest in small, personal pieces of music. I am therefore happily continuing to tailor-make small-scale pieces for musicians of all levels, backgrounds, and persuasions. Most of all, I am curious about the sort of input my musicians (yes, you!) might like to give: colours, moods, ideas, inspirations.

When the world slowly started coming alive again and normality cautiously crept back in through the cracks, I adapted my way of working to suit my post-lockdown life. Now that we are once again on track after the pandemic, I am still write small pieces on request, and using the Nieuw Geneco guidelines for my composition fee. If you would like a piece but don’t have the financial means available, please do get in touch with me anyway and we can look into funding options together.

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